Greasepaint and Stage Lights


Greasepaint and Stage Lights is your weekly 'Front of House' musical experience.

Mark Bilsby has been involved in radio for the last 40 years on and off and in acting since 1993.

He's had the opportunity to play many parts, such as Mike Connors in High Society, Motel in Fiddler on The Roof, Billis in South Pacific and Ko Ko in the Hot Mikado. But Mark's passion is musicals.

Each week, he's joined by Alastair Woodgate and Julia Rufey - each of whom specialise in a particular part of musical theatre.

Join them for the best showtunes, great competitions and some theatre banter to keep you amused and informed. There's a host of features, including challenge the experts, 'two at twenty-two' with two songs from one musical, the lyrical challenge, Al’s Album and Rufey’s Review.

Enjoy the show!

To contact the show and make a request, email And for more information you can visit